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The unspoken necessity of equipping yourself better, nutritionally

Your body’s condition and the signals it gives you, are a reflection of how you eat


In our busy lives, we often end up eating rather than eating right. Many of us don’t even know the difference between the two and we can’t be blamed either. How many times have you come across messages on the importance of eating the right kind of food? We’d say not too often. That’s why we bring to you this article to help you understand the importance of what it is that we consume.

Your body’s consumption of nutrients is far more important than you can imagine unless you have already done your body the favour of actually giving it some thought. To those who are looking to improve their diets as well as their mental and physical health, it is crucial that it is done so, as early in your life as possible. Tweaking your diet will help you go a longer way than you think and will certainly ensure better performance in all respects.  Your mental and physical endurance, the ability to articulate and process information and data, the amount of stress that you’re subjected to, as well as the rate at which the very process of aging hits you, are all attributed to what you choose to consume on a regular, basis.

Don’t worry about it, we’re not insisting on replacing your existing meals for fancier ones, in fact Indian food is considered to be wholesome and ample for our bodies, as the use of legumes, lentils, millets, beans, grains, fruits, and vegetables provide sufficient amounts of fibre, fat, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals to keep you fit and healthy. We’re simply urging you to rethink what it is that we eat so readily. The packet of chips we reach out to without a second thought, or the aerated drinks we get with our popcorn to enjoy our movie is harming us in ways we can’t even imagine. Junk food, with its harmful chemicals like preservatives, fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, artificial colour/flavour and synthetically produced fats and sweeteners affect your body’s functioning.

Such food that is so nutrient-poor, comprises of fatty acids that not only attributes to acquiring severe conditions like muscle weakness, seizures, learning disabilities and weight gain, but also affects activity in the areas of your brain. Now understand why they say food for your body and soul?

You’re not alone, there are millions of us in India alone who have taken our bodies for granted and India, as a people have experienced a drastic dip in quality of what we choose to consume. A large number of surveys that have been carried out in the last few years by the government, through the National Nutrition Monitoring Bureau (NNMB), have helped us observe a substantial increase in juvenile diabetes, which concluded to report that close to 22% of the school-going children in India are overweight and that Indians are amongst the most depressed minds in the world.

According to these various surveys and experts, the 12.25 billion dollar junk food industry in India is in great measure accountable for the increasing prevalence of non-communicable diseases and will play a notable role in killing two-thirds of the Indians by 2030. These serious figures can’t be ignored for much longer. We implore you to step back and evaluate your food choices.

You must always believe that you are what you eat, merely from a nutritive perspective, as the nutrients from the food you eat make up the foundation of structure, function and integrity of every little cell in your body from your skin and hair, to your muscles, bones, digestive and immune systems. And that’s saying a lot.