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A happy state of mind is anathema for stress.

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Imagine yourself running a marathon. It is an arduous task. You have to prepare for a long time building up the endurance gradually. It takes a lot of toll on the body causing micro tears on the muscles.  But then, it helps you to build stronger muscles and hence endurance. Along the way, makes the heart to function optimally. It learns to pump more blood in one pump. It is efficiency at the end of the exercise!

We as human beings, have to utilize the god given body to its good use. More physical work makes us stronger.  A 42 kilometre run under the hot sun would stress the system to its limit. Yet, when you finish that run you have accomplished and elated and upbeat! Why? You are not stressed out in the usual way. Why so?

Our brain is busy working all the time. Of course, we can get tired after intense thinking such as playing a game of chess or writing a thousand lines of an algorithm or working on a financial puzzle.  These are positive activities. While we stress our brain’s capacity more be it playing chess or algorithms, we keep getting better and better.  Aren’t we feel happy at the end of it? Stress is not always bad. Correct?

Yet, stress-related illnesses are pretty high these days. It causes havoc in our personal relationships while destroying the health and wellbeing.

What is the point of life if we have to contend with life-altering diseases such as diabetes blood pressure and the associated problems?

When you sit on daylong conference calls with no heart to be there, yet forced to be there to pay your bills – It is stress.  When you eat simple high carb foods – also called as junk food – day in day out without any control – your system – the body is under attack – causing discomfort – ultimately stress.    

A content and happy state of mind and healthy food habits are closely connected. One does not exist without the other. Prolonged unhealthy food habits obviously lead to lifestyle altering diseases.

Health is a state of mind. A happy state of mind is anathema for stress.

Two things we can do for ourselves.  Eat foods that are devoid of simple carbs. Let us consume nuts, seeds and whole grains along with dried fruits. Get out of the couch and start walking, running, swimming etc. Let us use the body for what it is meant to do.

Nature has given us everything we need. Healthy food habits start with consuming truly natural food and leading an active life.  Let us do what we like in our lives. After all, life is to be lived, enjoyed. Every moment we live is precious.

What is stopping you?