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Passion for Healthy Life

SIRIMIRI brand of nutrition products is from SIRIMIRI Nutrition Food Products Pvt Ltd. Eating the right food and having an active lifestyle goes a long way in ensuring health and well-being for our and your family.

Our story: Health is the best wealth we can attain. A healthy life is a privilege, but it comes with us putting effort.  Healthy lifestyle and eating nutritious and well -balanced food is the foundation towards Health. Like many of you, we have been trying to find the right products in the market that would help us towards our quest.

My partner is an amateur athlete who is a frequent participant in triathlons. He is a long distance runner, cyclist, and an avid swimmer. He has crossed the English Channel from the UK to France as part of a relay swim team. All this takes exceptional preparation centered around proper nutrition. Athletes not only train right but also eat right i.e. balanced nutritious food. Our products were created, modified and fine-tuned as a necessity for his training and, in turn, his capacity to train, sustain energy and stamina increased due to the use of these products.

The three steps to rejuvenating your diet. Nutritious, natural products are not just meant for athletes. It is equally important for everyone, irrespective of age group and lifestyle and a great starting point for anyone interested in their long-term health.  

Recognize what we eat: It is not just in the name but in the ingredients. It is simple. Start reading the ingredients. If barring a few ingredient names, rest sound unrecognizable – glycerine, corn syrup, glucose, invert sugar, preservatives, balancer; avoid as these are not only unhealthy – can be harmful to our body.

Review our nutrition: It is ways to make our home cooked food more nutritious and well balanced.  Our typical breakfast food contains a lot of carbohydrates, sugar, and fat compared to other vital nutrients and minerals. Excessive carbohydrate and sugar intake is a root cause of many of the ailments including diabetes, hypertension, and obesity.  A second unhealthy habit we develop is eating junk food during the rest of the day when we feel like eating something. This is more prevalent with children (chips and sugary candies) and office goers.

Rely on nature: We strongly believe in the power of nature and what it offers us.  Nature is our best friend. It provides us with most wonderful whole grains, ancient grains (millets), nuts, seeds, and fruits.

Why our food products are exceptional: We are motivated to develop top quality nutrition products, which are as nutritious as nature offers and as good for you as our own family. We use a combination of the best native ingredients, imported oats and several dry fruits and nuts from its natural growth areas including from USA, Thailand, and Australia. We have developed Millet Muesli and Nutrition Bar using purely natural ingredients with no artificial flavors, preservatives or sugar.

Millets, also called ancient grains, are nature’s gift to mankind. We use Kodo millet and Pearl millet as ingredients. These are gluten-free, well- balanced wonder grains. Almonds, Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Watermelon Seeds, Sesame Seeds, and Buckwheat are used heavily as these provide all the natural vitamins and minerals and good fat (MUFA and PUFA) our body demands.

The best quality oats are from Australia. We use Australian rolled oats in all our products. Oats are high fiber foods that help control several critical nutritional needs.

We get the best-dried fruits from its native locations. We use black raisins, cranberries, blueberries, and fig. 

We bring all of these together using good old honey.

Our mission: What we developed for our own family, is now promoted as a product for many. We are glad that these products are helping many of our customers towards developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Our mission is to develop many more products to serve the nutritional needs of our customers from natural products and ingredients based on nutritional values of foods.

We are excited about our mission and hope sincerely to make a difference to those who choose SIRIMIRI as an integral part of their health needs.

Vijaya Rajan 

Founder & CEO